San Antonio Custody & Visitation Lawyers

Ideally, each parent would recognize the best interests of the children, the contributions by each parent to all aspects of raising the children, the particular needs of each child and the ability of each parent to meet those needs. In some cases, the parties agree upon primary custody, the parental rights and duties that should be shared or exercised by the appropriate parent, changes in visitation and child support that has become necessary after the divorce. In that instance, we can help you fine-tune the orders that govern possession, visitation, access, discipline, medical treatment, education and other parental rights and duties.

However, where distrust, hostility, abuse, disobedient children, a lax parent, alcohol or drug abuse or violence obstructs an agreement, an attorney with extensive experience in such situations is needed to effectively represent you. A parent is best served with an attorney who can provide creative but realistic options designed to achieve the desired results. If a trial is necessary, an attorney with pertinent litigation experience is needed. Mediation, frequently used in custody disputes, calls for an attorney who can contribute positively to the mediation process. We enjoy helping clients resolve custody disputes, whether by mediation, trial or arbitration. Matching the client’s personality and needs to the right attorney is critical.

If your case would benefit from the preparation of a social study or a neutral expert, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist, evaluating the family dynamics, interviewing the parents, children, other significant family members, teachers, friends and health care providers and perhaps conducting helpful tests, we have experience in such situations and can guide our clients through the entire process.

We can help with emergency situations that require temporary restraining orders and other immediate judicial relief needed to protect your children until final orders can be obtained.